Udaan Future Academy

education-picsUdaan runs Udaan Future Academy where school going children from humble families are given free coaching. We try to bring these children at par with the modern society. We help them 8n their studies. Apart from studies we teach them yoga, art and craft, English speaking, personality development, computers. We also give them exposure to outside world by taking them to exhibitions and other events. We provide them big stage to showcase their talents, be it singing, dancing, debates, recitation etc.
The whole idea is to BRIDGE THE GAP between rich and poor. We try to make these children stand with affluent children side by side and later get good jobs or business skills.

This in turn will help their whole family to come out of poverty.
We at Udaan try to create better citizens of India by teaching these children values and ethics and showing them the right path.

Helping in Admissions

We also sponsor school fees for many students every year. Every parent has a dream of sending their children to good schools. There are many small private schools whose monthly fees is meagre but every year Admission fees and cost of books is high. Here we share the burden of parents and help them by paying this expense. If a child will get good education, he or she will pull their entire family from poverty. This will help our country’s growth and create good citizens of India.

Organising Workshops

We regularly organise various informative workshops for our students. Science workshops, Art and craft workshop, rakhee making workshop, etc.

Sponsor Books

We sponsor text books to many children who are short of funds